Thursday, September 27, 2012

Preview - New dedicated Change Summary view for reviewing change sets (Eclipse & VS clients)

Once a bug is fixed, a good practice is to ask one of your peers to review your changes. Ping them on the work item you have resolved or set an approval. The reviewer will be notified and will open the associated change sets.

The reviewer can then go through every file that was modified and open a compare editor showing the combined changes for that file.

In the above example, the reviewer selected the file and double clicked (or right clicked and selected the action 'Open in Compare Editor'). This brings up a compare editor that shows how the selected change sets combine to modify that file.

Note. The Change Summary view should look familiar since it is drawn from the previous Change Explorer in the 'Show Files' mode. The previous Change Explorer view supported two modes, one focused on file changes 'Show files' mode and one focused on comparing sources such as streams and workspaces 'Show change sets' mode. In 4.0.1, the 'Show files' mode is evolving with richer capabilities such as the Details pane and is moved to a separate new view named 'Change Summary'.

WorkflowView used in 4.0.1View used in previous releases <= v4.0Artifacts shown
Review change setsChange SummaryChange Explorer in 'Show files' modefiles and folders affected by selected change sets
Compare workspaces, streams, snapshots or baselinesChange ExplorerChange Explorer in 'Show change sets' modeChange sets (e.g. change sets from source stream that aren't in target stream and vice versa)

Note. Expect to be able to try out this new feature with 4.0.1 M4. As we are transitioning toward feature teams and continuous delivery, I am experimenting with previewing our latest work on this non official blog. Go to for the latest milestone build and official new and noteworthy. There is no guarantee a preview will make it to a stable build.

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