Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to school with RTC Source Control 4.0 videos

It's almost september. Quickly catch up on some of the latest SCM features we added in version 4.0 (also known as CLM 2012)...

Note these videos support HD (high definition), they are best enjoyed full screen and with the youtube player's video quality changed to 720 (HD).

1. RTC Shell - easily share documents and collaborate with your RTC team from within the familiar Windows Explorer. There are certainly members in your team who will appreciate using a lightweight client instead of a full IDE.

2. Locate change sets - When work items and source control play together, it becomes so easy to figure out which bugs you need to backport. Beware, that feature will greatly simplify your life when dealing with multiple streams. It plays the natural strength of RTC - team artifacts are connected and integrated with each other. That's a feature the SCM dev team uses very frequently itself.

3. Item read permissions - Control who can access specific files and folders within a component. Perfect if you work with third parties and consultants who need deep yet controlled access to your data.

4. File Content Delete - RTC administrators, learn how you can permanently purge unwanted content from an RTC server. Physically remove the bytes of an unwanted document, from wherever it is referenced in the database.

If you know about other videos related to new SCM 4.0 features, please add a comment and a link below. Thanks!

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