Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SCM Reader's digest for the summer

What are you doing this summer? Going to the beach, training seals at a water park or working at the local cube farm?

Either way, there could not be a better time to grab our new articles freshly posted on jazz.net. You'll learn about the new advanced workflows we've added to Rational Team Concert Source Control in our latest 4.0 release.

 Here's the list...

If you're coming from an older version, you can browse through the 4.0 improvements to Source Control under the new and noteworthy. If you like some of these 4.0 features, please drop us a note on the forum or on this blog, tell us how it makes your life easier... And if I missed a new article about 4.0, let me know!


  1. There are some new articles on doing Mac development with Xcode and jazz: https://jazz.net/library/article/979/ https://jazz.net/library/article/980/ https://jazz.net/library/article/981/

  2. Thanks Chris. I've updated the post with your reference.