Monday, March 16, 2015

Ordering RTC Work Items by Subscriber Count

I've been poking around the OSLC APIs recently. First to build a Slack bot that can explain work items when they're mentioned in a channel and second to order open work items by the number of subscribers.

There's a bit more work to be done on the slack bot, but I feel like I can expose my script for ordering work items by subscriber count.

There are a few hardcoded values that users may want to change, but the general shape of the solution is there. Note the hard-coded project area ID around line 212 and category name on line 202. You'll probably want to change those.

The OSLC documentation on the wiki explained how to login and perform work item queries from the REST API. A forum post on getting work item categories via the REST URIs explained how to traverse the categories for the query.

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